Deuba, from prospective PM to an easy escape goat

Sher Bahadur Deuba will most likely be on a declining side after he has lost his round of battle for power.

With the shift of power paradigm from Deuba to Oli within a matter of hours Monday after the new ruling alliance took over power, NC all of a sudden was forced to occupy the opposition.

In the midst of the emergence of the new alliance, not only the prospects of Nepali Congress in leading five provinces diminished but also the voices asking Deuba’s resignation from both the posts-President and Parliamentary party leader, have started coming in.

Gururaj Ghimire Sunday tweeted asking for Deuba’s resignation from both the posts. He has, furthermore, questioned Deuba and his faction on why the party aligned with the Maoist despite warning from many leaders and what contributed to failure in continuing the alliance. In addition, he warned of calling the party’s special convention.

Shekher Koirala, though has not said anything critical, has challenged the president Deuba mildly. Meanwhile, the general secretary duos are consolidating cadres for constrictive as well as lively opposition roles to be played. All these hints towards the dissatisfaction within the party grows intense.

External actors, mainly India, which have been indulging in Nepal’s Internal political decisions mainly after 2005, may also have to find a scapegoat for things going wrong and power sweeping away from Deuba’s hand, its natural way may be putting the blame in Deuba and patronizing the anti-Deuba group in the NC, thinking that it may save its face.

Like the American ambassador, the Indian ambassador had also been regularly meeting and secretly discussing Nepal’s political scenario with Deuba and Prachanda separately a few times, totally ignoring Oli. Two big powers didn’t to have any sense of the new equation with Oli and Dahal in the offing.