Dengue spreads across 73 districts, urges vigilance

Kathmandu – Dengue infection has spread to 73 districts. Due to daily water accumulation, dengue infection has been increasing.

According to Dr. Gokarna Prasad Dahal, head of the Epidemiology and Disease Control Branch at the Ministry of Health and Population, dengue infection has been observed in 1,432 individuals across 73 districts. He informed that dengue infection has been seen in all districts except Mustang, Dolpa, Jumla, and Humla.

The Ministry estimated that this year’s monsoon will bring more rainfall than usual, which could create favorable conditions for mosquito breeding and increase dengue infection.

The highest number of dengue cases has been reported in Kathmandu with 159 individuals, followed by 120 in Jhapa and 83 in Chitwan. He provided information that dengue risk increases due to stagnant water collection and larvae breeding in such water.

The mosquito species ‘Aedes aegypti’ and ‘Aedes albopictus’ breed in stagnant clean water and larvae emerge from eggs. Once these larvae mature into adults, they transmit the dengue virus.

Dr. Dahal urged for vigilance as dengue infection is expected to increase further. To prevent dengue, it is important not to allow water to stagnate where mosquitoes breed. Additionally, households should install mosquito nets on windows and use mosquito repellents when necessary.