Curfew continues in Nepalgunj, DAO initiating all-party meet

Photo: RSS

A curfew order has been in place since Tuesday in Nepalgunj sub-metropolis in Banke.

According to the District Administration Office, twenty-two people: five security personnel and 17 general public were injured during a clash occurred amidst the curfew.

Of them, 21 have already returned home after treatment while one is undergoing treatment at the Bheri Hospital.

It may be noted that the District Administration Office (DAO) in Banke has issued a curfew order for an indefinite period in the town from 1:00 pm Tuesday following religious unrest reportedly emerged from a status on social sites that targeted the Muslim community.

The local administration has urged one and all not to upload or make any contents that hinder social and religious harmony on social sites.

Nepalgunj-based political parties, religious leaders, civil society representatives and the general public have appealed for restoring peace and harmony in the town.

The district administration has initiated a process for an all-party meeting to settle down the latest developments in Nepalgunj, but the time has not been fixed yet, said Chief District Officer in Banke. As he said, the curfew has been further intensified and people entering Nepal via the Jamunaha point are being escorted to destinations.

Jamunaha’s police beat’s senior superintendent of police, Min Bahadur Bista, said so far 1,500 Nepali arrived from India have been safely escorted up to that they could reach the destinations safely.

Nepalis are returning home from various places in India including Shimla, Kalapahad, and Delhi via the Jamunaha point in the district.