Court orders life sentence to 23 persons involved in murder of Nabaraj BK

The District Court (Rukum Paschim) has awarded life imprisonment to 23 persons for their involvement in the murder of Nabaraj Bika and five others.

A single bench of District Judge Khadga Bahadur KC on Tuesday handed down the verdict in the case. Nabaraj BK of Jajarkot district and five others had been killed at Sotigaun of Chaurjahari Municipality-8 in Rukum Paschim district on May 23, 2020 over a marriage dispute.

Others killed include Ganesh Budha, Lokendra Sunar, Sanjib KC and Govinda Shahi of Jajrkot and Tika Ram Nepali of Chaurjahari Municipality in Rukum Paschim district.

Those murdered had been to the house of Nabaraj BK’s girlfriend at Sotigaun and killed by the girl’s family members and local people from the village. Bodies of those killed had been found thrown in The Bheri river.

Nabaraj’s girlfriend and two other members of her family have been slapped with Rs 50,000 in fine and two years of jail sentence on charge of caste-based discrimination.