Consensus govt. will be formed in Koshi: CM Karki

Chief Minister of Koshi Province, Kedar Karki, talking to the media after securing a trust vote has said a consensus government would be formed soon.

Karki secured a vote of confidence in the Provincial legislature on Wednesday.

Among 91 provincial lawmakers present, 86 backed the confidence motion with the five members from Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) deciding to act as the real opposition.

CM Karki expressed commitment not to increase number of ministries in the province in the present context and said that the government would get full shape before Tihar.

The CM shared that the government would carry out activities with the cooperation and support of all political parties as there are many challenges and problems in the province.

The government would be responsible as different political parties in the province assembly cast votes in my favour, said Karki adding, I will play a significant role in developing trust among the parties after implementing federalism in a right way.