INC MPs troop in House in black robes protesting Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification

Opposition MPs protesting at Parliament House complex: Photo The Indian Express

Kathmandu: Outraged by their leader Rajiv Gandhi’s disqualification, Indian National Congress (INC) MPs, invented a new way of protest.

They wore black robes and entered both houses raising slogans against the speaker’s move to disqualify Gandhi, obstructing scheduled proceedings of the house.

Both Houses of the Parliament were adjourned by their respective presiding officers, but the stand off between the ruling party and the opposition continued, with no solution to the stalemate in sight.

The Rajya Sabha, Upper House of Indian Parliament, witnessed much more aggressive sight as members not only trooped in the well, they also tore business paper and hurled the papers towards the chair.

Most parties outside the BJP led National Democratic Alliance have expressed their solidarity with the INC and Rahul Gandhi accusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi of going authoritarian and making every attempt to suppress dissent.

In the Rajya Sabha, the agitated Congress members raised slogans like ‘Modi-Adani Bhai Bhai’.

India has been witnessing protests across the country over Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification following the chief judicial magistrate in Gujarat’s Surat District holding him guilty of defaming particular communities.

During the 2019 election campaign, Rahul had named certain individuals like Narendra Modi and Bank defaulter Neerab Modi dishonest, which resulted in a couple of BJP legislators from Gujarat filing a defamation case against him.

Of late, Rahul Gandhi has raised the issue of Modi’s alleged nexus with Gautam Adani, world’s third richest businessman, and demanded that a 20,000 crore scandal involving Adani be probed.