Combined efforts essential to conclude peace process: Minister Sharma

Photo: RSS

Kathmandu, Nov 22: Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Rekha Sharma, has underlined the need of collective efforts to conclude the ongoing peace process.

Speaking at a programme organised by the Padmaratna Lumanti Guthi at Shakhandhar Park Centre on the occasion of national luminary Shankhadhar Sakhwa today, the Minister claimed that the peace process would have already concluded until now if Tuladhar was alive.

According to the Minister, she realised that Shankhadhar Sakhwa was always for change in the society. She took time to say that the Council of Ministers decided to endorse the Nepal Sambat initiated in recognition of philanthropist Sakhwa as the official calendar.

It is believed that philanthropist and Kathmandu-based trader Shankhadhar Sakhwa liberated the people of the then Kantipur region from debts and provided them freedom.

The Nepal Sambat was initiated in 936 BS in commemoration of the same philanthropic action of Sakhwa, it is said.