CM Jammakattel of Bagmati Province wins vote of confidence

Chief Minister Shalikram Jammakattel-File Photo

Shalikram Jammakattel, Chief Minister in the Bagmati Province has received vote of confidence in the Province Assembly (PA) today.

In the 110-member PA, 91 members took part in the voting; 67 voted in his favour while 17 against him and 7 chose not to vote.

The Bagamati PA has 37 members from the Nepali Congress followed by 27 from the CPN (UML), 21 from the CPN (Maoist Center), 13 of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party, 7 from the CPN (Unified Socialist), 3 of the Nepal Workers and Peasants’ Party while 2 represent Hamro Nepali Party.

As the RPP and UML deciding to withdraw their support to the Jammakattel-led government, he had to seek the vote of confidence as per the Article 188 (2) of the Constitution.