Chinese ambassador says Taiwan would soon be ‘reunited’ with China 

Kathmandu, May 19: Chinese Ambassador to Nepal, Cheng Song, said Taiwan would soon be reunited with China.
Ambassador Song did not announce a time frame for the reunion but said the diplomatic relation that China has currently with about 183 counties in the world is based on ‘one China principle’.
‘The history and legal facts backed this and Taiwan will surely be reunited with China’, he said while speaking at a workshop on Sunday- ‘Review the Friendship since the Establishment of Diplomatic Relation between China and Nepal- and moving forward together and a better future organized by Nepal China Friendship Forum.
He acknowledged the support Nepal  extended to China when the UN General Assembly  through resolution 2758 recognized the People’s Republic of China as the real China and that Taiwan was part of it.
Ambassador Song said Nepal China friendship enter 75th year, and it’s high time that it is reviewed. ‘China and Nepal are mountain linked‘ and that China is happy with Nepal’s consistent policy against its territory being used against China by any force.
China and Nepal, he said, have respected each other ‘s sovereignty without interfering in each other’s internal affair.
He reiterated that China strongly stood by Nepal’s independence with every right to decide its social system to suit its needs.
Pledging more support in the infrastructural C sector, Ambassador Song said that China prides as the largest  Foreign Direct Investor and second largest trading partner of Nepal.