China retaliates against Taiwan President meets in US

China as its retaliatory move against the Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen meeting with United States House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has announced sanctions on some of the US organizations together with a Taiwan’s representative in the United States, as stated in the US and Chinese media outlets.

“China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced Friday the Washington-headquartered think tank Hudson Institute and the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California would be banned from any cooperation, exchange or transaction with institutions and individuals in China”, writes SCMP adding “key leaders of the organizations would also be barred from visiting China, unable to transact or cooperate with organizations or individuals there, and have any assets in the country frozen, the statement said.”

Similarly, Hsiao Bi-khim, Taiwan representative to the US, was also hit with sanctions, for her role in Tsai’s meeting with US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, it adds.

The Taiwanese oragnisations Prospect Foundation and Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats are also sanctioned, according to CNN.