Chhath festival preparation begins

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Preparation has started for the Chhath festival in the districts of the Tarai Madhes province with the conclusion of the Deepawali, the festival of lights.

The various lakes and ponds in Janakpurdham are being decorated in a special way with the support of locals and the local organisations in the run up to the Chhath festival. In this connection, the bank of the ponds, lakes and rivers are being cleaned for construction of the Chhath ghats.

The Chhath festival carries special significance in the Tarai Madhes, said Dr Rajendra Bimal.

The Gangasagar Pond, Dhanush Sagar Pond, Argaja Pond, Maharasagar, Ratnasagar, Gordhoi, Aragajasar, Nocha Pokhari, Matkoraba Pokhari, Dudhmati Ghat, among the lakes and ponds as well as the banks of the rivers are being decorated in Janakpurdham, the historic city of Mithilanchal.

Crowds of shoppers can be seen in the market busy buying articles and things required for the festival as the number of people celebrating Chhath is increasing each year.

Prameshwar Saha, a local of Janakpurdham, said the price of goods required for the festival has increased this year compared to the past.

The Chhath festival falls on November 19 this year, but the people observing the festival have to start the associated rituals three days ahead.

Similarly, preparations for the Chhath have started in Birgunj. The ponds and lakes are being specially decorated to prepare the Chhath ghats for performing the various rituals and offerings associated with this festival.

The local Ghadiarba pond, Nagawapokhari, Chhapakaiya Pokhari, Shreepur and Ranighat pond are being cleaned and decorated for the Chhath festival.