Chhat festival concludes with offering Argha to rising sun

Photo: Barsha Shah

Kathmandu, 20 Nov: The Four-day Chhat festival has come to an end with devotees paying their reverence to the rising sun.

The devotees thronging at river shrines closer to their areas offered prayer and Argha-a mix of milk, curd, honey-  to the Sun as it was rising, marking the end of the festival, devoted to Sun God and Chhati Mai.

The rivers banks, streams and ponds across the country, had been tastefully decorated for the occasion.

Chhat is a festival of purity and devotion celebrated with much fanfare across the nation.

Sun is revered as the central deity in celestial configuration playing crucial role in peace, growth, turbulence and doom of the universe and the Chhath is the festival to pray to the Sun God to keep its destructive and malefic effect on check.

The devotees yesterday had offered Argha to the setting sun standing at river, ponds and streams.