Charles Sobhraj to fly off to France Friday

Notorious serial killer Charles Shobhraj will be flying to France via Qatar Friday evening as per the information provided till now.

Sobhraj has stressed his wish to spend time with the family including his wife Nihita Biswas before his deportation. But, the government authorities, on recommendation of the medical team and legal counselor, apparently made a mind not to give him any space for mischief and decided to pack him off to Paris at the earliest possible time. The caution is being taken to avoid any mischief by Charles Shobhraj or any likely assault on him.

He was taken to immigration office today in heavy security cover, away from the camera lenses, and once paper works were ready.

Sobhraj, serving jail term since 19 years, was released following the Supreme Court’s order. The Supreme Court Wednesday has ordered release of serial killer Charles Sobhraj with instruction to the government to send him back France, his own country, within 15 days.

The court said 78 year old Shobhraj was under medication for heart disease and has already  served 75 percent of the life term—20 years — So, it is not reasonable to keep him in prison from the viewpoints of constitutional and legal rights along with human rights of prisoners.

The order was issued by a division bench of justices Sapana Pradhan Malla and Til Prasad Shrestha. The bench said, “If it is not necessary to imprison him for other cases, he needs to be released and arrangement made to send him back to him home within 15 days”.

Sobhraj was released by the jail authorities around 6.30 pm Thursday, a day after the Supreme Court ordered his release and deportation to his home country Frame but he was accepted as the guest in the jail at the request of his lawyers.