Bibaha mahotsav begins in Janakpur

Mahottari, Dec 17: As part of Bibahapanchami, a Mithila cultural festival, the marriage procession left for Janakpur via Jaleshwar from Matihani in Mahottari this morning.

It is an old tradition whereby holy men and women come to Janakpur from Ayodhya during the Ramjanaki marriage festival. In addition to Ayodhya, saints from different parts of India come to attend the festival.

As per the schedule, it was customary to reach Matihani on the first night, Jaleshwar on the second night, Sahodwa in Mahottari on the third night and Janakpur on the fourth day.

Baidyanath Chowdhury,65, of Banauli village of Pipra rural municipality said that it is a tradition for the local people to welcome in the incoming guests with good deeds to the places determined for lunch and dinner.

Meanwhile, residents of the pilgrimage route area (Matihani-Jaleshwar-Pipra-Janakpur) say that the attraction of the fair festival is decreasing and a limited number of saints and pilgrims come these days.

Ramjanaki festival, which is celebrated throughout the week in Janakpurdham, is celebrated to commemorate the marriage of Shriram, son of Ayodhya King Dasharath, and Sita, daughter of King Janak of Mithila.

On the main day of the festival, Swayambar ceremony is held in Janakpurdham.

Manoj Jha, Professor of Maithili Language and Literature at Yajnavalkya Lakshminarayan Vidyapith in Matihani, says that according to Maithil traditions the participants will be entertained with the normal rituals of a marriage ceremony.

Kameshwar Jha, an expert on Maithil culture and traditions, suggests that the new generation of Maithil youth should take the lead for maintaining the glory of this ancient festival.