Bhai Tika being observed, 10:51am auspicious hour

Kathmandu, Nov 15: The last day of the five-day-long festival, Tihar, which is known as Bhai Tika, is being celebrated across the country today.

On this day, sisters offer colourful Tika to their brothers, wishing them happiness, prosperity and longevity. In return, brothers provide gifts to the sisters and wish them good luck.

During the Bhai Tika, brothers are placed at a specially anointed place around which a trail of mustard oil is drawn by the sisters. Sister put Tika and garlands. The garlands are made of varieties of flowers including marigold and globe amaranth (Makhamali). The brothers also offer Tika to their sisters. Similarly, sisters offer their brothers special delicacies comprising varieties of sweets, walnut, and sel roti.

The National Calendar Determination Committee has said the auspicious hour for offering Tika this year is 10:51 am. However, the Tika can be offered throughout the day, the Committee added.

The mythological and cultural belief behind the Bhai Tika goes- sister has won a boon from Yama, the god of death, that her brother would not die until the mustard oil is dried up and the garland of dubo and makhamali wilts.

On this occasion, those who have no brothers or sisters of their own receive Tika from others whom they regard as brothers and sisters.

Meanwhile, the Balgopaleshwor Temple in Ranipokhari, Kathmandu is opened today. The temple is opened every year on this day.