Be Transparent, Gagan tells Deuba

Kathmandu: Nepali congress General secretary Gagan Thapa has said that he will be keenly watching the working style of the party leadership and supporting it only if the leadership acts transparently and democratically.

In his brief reaction after his defeat for the Congress Parliamentary Party leadership with incumbent Sher Bahadur Deuba, Thapa said “naturally it is for the leadership to explore formation of new government and talk to other parties but if it acts like in the past, and takes decision in dark rooms, that will not be acceptable. We will treat that as individual decision of the leadership,” he said.

“Any decision on future PM or the President, or decision to share power with political partners on the turn by turn basis, if taken without consulting the party or its relevant committee, will not be acceptable to us,” Thapa said.

He also announced that he would not be joining the cabinet in the government to be formed.