Ban on land plot to be lifted in Deukhuri

The Lumbini Province Government has entrusted Minister Dhan Bahadur Maski with the responsibility to lead a study to lift a ban on land sale in the Deukhuri Valley.

The sale of land in Deukhuri valley was banned after the area was named as the province capital city. However, the locals had expressed their dissatisfaction to the government move stating that the restrictive move on land sale created difficulties on their livelihood.

Minister Maski had hold discussions with the locals and agitating side regarding this issue. Following the discussions, the local residents had postponed their agitations after a decision to prepare a report within a month by reviewing the government’s past decision.

Minister Maski said, “I will submit a report to the Council of Ministers within a month to review the decision on land plot sale. After that the task to lift the ban will move ahead.”

The sale of land plot is banned for 32 months in the Rapti Valley in Dang district.