Army court lets off ‘mutiny conspirators’ with mild punishment in haste

Army HQ Kathmandu

Kathmandu: The court of inquiry set up by the Nepal Army to try some senior officers for their allegedly plotting a mutiny released them in a mysterious speed today.

The court of inquiry acted swiftly after the Supreme Court had yesterday asked the army headquarter to produce two senior officers-Col. Mahendra Shah and LT.Col Kuldeep Timalsina- along with original file prepared against them within three days.

Apparently, fearing that the apparent act of vendetta may get exposed during the trial, the court of inquiry released the two officers with milder punishment —no promotion in the next two years— compared to the charges they were facing.

Another Maj. Gen. rank officer, Prem Shahi who had been taken into custody for the past two months, a couple of weeks after he was handed over the resignation letter on the age ground, was also released today. Shahi had been ‘dismissed’ from service by the court of inquiry but full details of its orders are being awaited.

Army headquarter’s relevant departments and authorities had today refused to acknowledge the court notice but apparently the court of inquiry did dispose the cases today to avoid the Supreme Court scrutiny.

The military police had last night raided the residence of Col. Shah and taken his driver and two more people in custody. They were released along with the officers today.

All the officers arrested and tried had held key responsibilities during the tenure of Purna Chanda Thapa who out receded current Chief Prabhuram Sharma.