An emotion blazing across the nation: Video message of dying father to his son

A deadly fire at Grand Diamond City hotel-casino in Poipet Cambodia, killed at least 27 people while dozens still unaccounted for. It took more than 12 hrs to take control the blaze. Also the rescue team from Thailand worked with Cambodian rescue team as Poipet is near to Thailand border.

It was reported that many victims were trapped on upper floors and were jumping to save life from the smoke and blaze. One among the dead is Nirakar Pandey, from Jhapa, Nepal. Pandey jumped off from 12th floor of the 17 storied building attempting to save himself without success.

Amidst such terrific tragedy, what currently touches the hearts of people is Pandy’s video talk with his son, moments before his death. Pandey communicated with his family before jumping off.

The video full of siren noise in the background, Pandey Said “SanuMero Aankhako Nani, I love you a lot..Baba always loves you.. wherever and in which situation Baba is, Baba always remembers you. Arman is the best ..…Sanu, now listen… love Mamu a lot, love Agni Buwa and Lila Mamu.  Love Lamjung Buwa, Mummy.

The greatest of all is being a good human son. Don’t cheat and fraud with anyone. One has to help to the limit one can, hai Chhora!

Specially, never hurt your maternal uncle and aunt. They have done a lot. Also, the Lamjung Buwa Aama….Hai Sanu… Be a great and decent person… ”