History of Independent candidate in legislative election

A bird eye view on the history of Independent candidature

In recent days, the hype of independent candidate is at its peak. The victory of independent candidate at recently completed local level election in some of the major cities received huge coverage in social spheres as well as in media. It has made the issue of focus both in news and views together with encouraging individual citizen to nominate their candidature for shortly coming federal and provincial election.

With such phenomenon centered at independent candidate, it is worthwhile to review the history of independent candidate on parliamentary election.  Let’s have a look:

Year (B.S.) Total Candidates Independent Candidates Elected independent candidates
2015 786 268 4
2048 1345 219 3
2051 1442 385 7
2056 2238 633 0
CA 2064 3946 816 2
 CA-2 2070 6125 1114 2
2074  1944 492 1